Google introduced a new product “Goggles” some time back. I personally think its awesome. It uses some cool visual search technology but also implements augmented reality features like getting the information of a local business when viewing it through your phone’s camera. Given the state of visual search technology, I am sure this will take some time to come out of beta mode, but it does provide an awesome leap to the technology at present. View a demo at:


Great talk by KPCB’s John Doerr about company cultures, KPCBs investments, Greentech and career advice.

There are essentially two types of cultures in companies

Mercenaries Missionaries
drive,paranoia passion
opportunistic strategic
sprint marathon
obsess on competition obsess on customers
aristrocacy of founders meritrocracy
financial statements mission statement

A very interesting video talking about how content publishers can decide the fate of the search engine wars by ganging up. The idea is that the publisher (say NYTimes) preferentially allows one search engine (say Bing) to index its content. If people dont have access to NYTimes on Google, they will migrate to Bing, as they wont be left with much choice.

Really cool video about the growth of social media..

A great talk about starting a company: By CEO Aaron Patzer

It is an awesome, hands-on talk about his experiences. He goes through the following three stages and the goals, expenses there in.


Phase 1: Garage (<100K)
Business Goal
Phase 2: Seed (<$1m)
Business Goal -> Alpha Launch, head count of 5-6 (3-4 engineer, 1 frontend, 1 business)
Projecting Revenue
Phase 3: Funded (> $1M)
Business Goal
Budgeting & growth model


Heres the link to the podcast: . The talk was given at Stanford University.

I made these notes while listening. Sharing these in case it is helpful for someone else as well..

  • Have Impact -> Do something which can scale. Vision that scales…integral part of great leadership
  • Focus on the economics of distribution and the kind of scale thats possible . Eg. Old print media had a significant cost of distribution whereas  distribution for blogs is free. Figuring out how to distribute it is as important.
  • Leveraging the scale of online user base: Facebook translated in other languages. Turbotax service experience –> a community of users answering questions. Leveraging the social network scale thats available. Opportunity where transformation lies. Scale you can accomplish online is incredible.
  • Scaling yourself. How do you leverage your network. Go prepared with your set of questions (more specific, the better) when looking for a mentoring relationship. Go with problem/issue/idea.. Use ppls times wisely.
  •  Keep these separate:People who can hire you and ppl who can help you figure out what you should do. You should be really focussed in front of recruiters.
  •  Authentic communication: use “I believe” … ” for this reason”
  • Being a player: Take responsibility for your actions.

Came across this documentary featuring Satyajit Ray. He discusses his films and some of the technical aspects he used in them.