Heres the link to the podcast: . The talk was given at Stanford University.

I made these notes while listening. Sharing these in case it is helpful for someone else as well..

  • Have Impact -> Do something which can scale. Vision that scales…integral part of great leadership
  • Focus on the economics of distribution and the kind of scale thats possible . Eg. Old print media had a significant cost of distribution whereas  distribution for blogs is free. Figuring out how to distribute it is as important.
  • Leveraging the scale of online user base: Facebook translated in other languages. Turbotax service experience –> a community of users answering questions. Leveraging the social network scale thats available. Opportunity where transformation lies. Scale you can accomplish online is incredible.
  • Scaling yourself. How do you leverage your network. Go prepared with your set of questions (more specific, the better) when looking for a mentoring relationship. Go with problem/issue/idea.. Use ppls times wisely.
  •  Keep these separate:People who can hire you and ppl who can help you figure out what you should do. You should be really focussed in front of recruiters.
  •  Authentic communication: use “I believe” … ” for this reason”
  • Being a player: Take responsibility for your actions.